Black 2 Part 10: Team Plasma’s Sweet Ride

Chargestone Cave

Well here we are again; now back in this strange blue and glittering cave, which is charged with electricity.
We proceeded to make our way through this cave battling trainers and wild Pokémon alike, one of the trainers we came up against was a girl covered in tattoos playing an electric guitar. She had an Emolga but it was no match for my Litterman who dominated it using his toxic moves.
“Wow your one strange kid,” she stated after the battle. Me? Strange? Says the girl playing an electric guitar, without an amp, in a cave on her own.

The Wild Pokémon here were actually rather cool, asides from Joltik there were some Klink here too. However I nearly lost little Emofo to these things, so it was best to keep Ember at the front for the time.

After a time I stumbled upon a large Chasm, the only way across it was a single, wooden Bridge which was being guarded by a builder and Bianca.
“Hi Elm Jr,” she said I approached “it looks like the bridge is under construction; we can’t go this way yet.”
“Oh,” I grunted disappointed, “then where do you suggest I go?”
“Well,” said the builder, “why don’t you go and checkout the Pokémon Tournament in Driftview. I’ve heard some good things about that place.
……I was stunned. Here I was thinking that I could get away with ignoring the tournament. But no. I HAD TO DO IT!!! I HAD TO DO MORE STUPID TUTORIALS!!! AND LISTEN TOO MORE STUPID DIALOGUE!!!! GWAHHHHHHH……….

Pokémon World Tournament

One tantrum latter I was back at this place, I entered through the main doors of the stadium and was met by an old couple who can teach starter Pokémon the ultimate move, Oh Lord Tibbs, how we needed you now.
I walked up to the counter and signed up for the League, turns out that everyone else was already inside waiting for me.

Well here I was the Pokémon World Tournament, I was put on the League table and matched up with my first opponent. It was Dumb Ass. We both walked on from opposite sides of the stage as a crowd of thousands cheered us on. Fireworks went off with each step we took until we both met in the middle. (This things really been hyped up.)
I battled Dumb Ass using Ember, Timmy and Weedlpie. We won easily enough and moved up to the next round, our next opponent was Cheren. Ember single handily kicked his ass.
Because we beat Cheren now meant that I moved on to the tournament’s final round, I was surprised to see that my opponent was that annoying scientist guy from earlier called Corless. We met in the centre of the stage and Ember proceeded to kill all of his steel Pokémon.
There. It was done. We had won the Tournament.

“I can’t believe I was beaten by a couple of Runts!” Said Clay once the Tournament had finished. We were stood in the stadiums reception.
“Hey it was Elm Jr who beat you, not me!” Said Dumb Ass, “he a real champ! What did you win buddy.”
“Some pointless things called Battle Points,” I said dishearten, “I got three of them, all I need to do now in win about another hundred tournaments before I can actually buy something with them!”
Then a familiar face approached us, it was the Gym leader Roxie.
“Hi Elm, hi Dumb Ass. Is it too late to enter the Tournament?” She asked eagerly stroking the neck of her guitar (don’t ask.)
“You just missed the last one,” said Clay “but if you hurry you can quickly sign up and enter the next one.”
“Awesome!” She then ran off towards the registration desk, Clay then started laughing uncontrollably.
“Ha ha! Thanks to you kids’ interest seems to be coming back to the tourney. Do you guys have any idea how much money this will make me, thanks guys,”…..jackass.

A short while later myself, Dumb Ass and Cheren were stood outside the stadium.
“I’m gonna keep battling and get even stronger!” Gloated Dumb Ass, “I’m going to renter the tournament and gain more experience.”
“That’s great Dumb Ass,” I said “but you can’t gain experience from the tournament.”
“Wow you two did great out there,” said Cheren “I can barely recognise you guys since our first gym battle.”
“That’s because it took place in a different dimension.”
“Never mine,” I said dismissively, “anyway what do you mean we both did great? Dumb Ass lost in the first round!”
At that moment a guy in a Team Plasma suit came running past.
“TEAM PLASMA!” Yelled Dumb Ass “where are you going? Come back here!” And with that Dumb Ass ran after him. Jeez he’s like a dog chasing cars.
Well looked like I was chasing after him, but not before that boring Corless guy walked out of the stadium and started some pointless speech. Yeah, yeah, strength, trainers blah blah. Not important, now stop interrupting us. After Corless had gone I decided to see where Dumb Ass had gotten to.

I followed Dumb Ass all the way to Driftview’s docks. I wasn’t to surprise to see the big pirate ship we’d seen at Castellia was docked here.
“What’s this ship?” Asked Dumb Ass.
“Oh I have no idea,” I said sarcastically “maybe we should take a look?”

Team Plasmas Ship

“Gasp, it’s Team Plasmas!” Said Dumb Ass as we boarded.
“What??? No way???” As I’d said before, there is a reason why he’s called Dumb Ass. But regardless I was a little suspicious of this place. It was really cold here for some reason.
“Hey what are these kids doing here?” I turned and saw to my horror a whole army of Plasma grunts marching towards us.
“I know that guy!” Said one pointing at Dumb Ass, “he punched me in the face earlier!”
“Give me back my sister Purloin!” He screamed.
“Can someone just defeat these simpletons so we can go on our way?” Suddenly the cool music started playing again and some guys charged Dumb Ass with their Pokémon.
I was just about to leave when one of them jumped me, “its Trubbish time!” He screamed as he unleashed his Pokémon. I hate to admit it, but that was the best battle cry ever.

I fought off a number of Plasma grunts using no one but Emofo and then I just left…..yeah. Screw it. Emofo is weak and I needed to visit the nearest Center. Dumb Ass can handle this by himself for a while.

When I returned from my break I found that Cheren had also joined the fight, cool. I decided to help back him up with Emofo because I actually liked this character.
Emofo found herself up against a Scraggy; I knew that her Psychic moves were useless against its Dark typing so I switched her out. Only to my horror to watch as the thing used the move Pursuit. I thought this was the end, but luckily Emofo held on.
Enraged by the attack made against his wife Timmy rose up and crushed its skull with a pillar of concrete.
And then to my and Timmy’s delight Emofo evolved, into a Gothorita, now she looked more like a moody, gothic teenager, as opposed to a moody, gothic child. At least Timmy probably felt a little less perverted now…….a little.
“Elm Jr!” Called Cheren, “thanks! But now you need to help Dumb Ass! I can hold these guys!” I turned and saw a stupid Afro bobbing in a sea of Plasma screaming “Purlion!” *sign. “Fine, I’ll help the idiot out,” I said reluctantly. At least it gave me a chance to try out my newly evolved Emofo.

After many more battles we were worn out, tried but still undefeated, “what’s with these kids?” asked one of the Grunts, “this is just like 2 years ago.”
“Where’s Purlion?” Demanded Dumb Ass, the blood of a thousand Scraggy’s dripping off his chin.
“What is all this commotion?” An old man in a very heavy duffle coat and pope hat said as he parted the crowd of Plasma grunts.
“It’s these kids Lord Zinzolin! There killing all our Pokémon!”
“It matters not! We have the Legendary Pokémon now! And we will use it to take over the world!” He started laughing manically, “Shadow Triad! Get rid of these pests!” Then before we knew it the three of us were grabbed by a number of teleporting Ninjas and thrown overboard.

Pokémon World Tournament

“No!” Screamed Dumb Ass as the ship sailed away. “I was so close!” He then ran off screaming.
“Will he be okay?” Asked Cheren.
“I think it’s been a while since he’s resembled anything close to okay.”
“Still it makes me wonder,” said Cheren ignoring me “what did Zinzolin mean about the legendary Pokémon? I mean, the two Legendary Pokémon left this region two years ago.” He turned to face me “Elm I’m off to the Weather Station on Route 6, there’s something I need to know. Get cleaned and healed up and I’ll meet you there.” Great I thought, more plot.

Route 6

I decided to make good on Cherens offer (and by offer I mean orders) and met him at the Weather Station.
“Look at this,” he said pointing at a screen that’s resolution was so low I could only make out two yellow blips. “It’s as I thought, the temperature in all major cities appears to be dropping.”
“And whys that important?”
“I’m not sure, but do you remember how cold it was on Plasmas Ship? I’m sure the two are linked together. Anyway Elm I’m sorry for slowing you down,” he said apologetically, “here
Take this. It’s the TM for Surf. I believe it will help you out.”
I thanked him and taught Surf to the timid Maid Moist.

A little further down this Route I came across a rare Emolga. Why could this not have been the first Pokémon I’d found in this area? Instead I found that useless bug thing. To make it even more insulting it nearly killed poor Litterman. I hate this place.

Then just as I was about to cross a small wooden bridge, a huge, blue monster on all fours came bounding out of the grass. This thing looked absolutely brutal, with a large horn and cold eyes. It took one look at me then fled further down this Route. I stood stunned for a moment at the majesty of this beast.
“What you gave just witnessed was the Legendary Pokémon Cobalion,” I turned and saw Rood and an Old Man approaching.
“How do you people always know where to find me?” I asked irritated.
“That Pokémon,” started the Old Man “was one of the three Legendary Pokémon who once battled against man for the sake of all Pokémon.”
“And who the hell is this?” I demanded, pointing at the old man.
“I think that Cobalion wants you to team up with it to defeat Team Plasma.” Said Rood.
“But aren’t you Team Plasma?”
“I mean the bad Team Plasma.”
“Wait,” I turned to the old man “did you say these three waged a war against man kind?”
“That is correct.”
“Well if that’s the case I’m off to kill the things! Can’t have Pokémon disrespecting people like that.”
“No you miss understand-”
“Don’t worry Rood and random old dude, I shall save us from these beasts,” I them began pursuing the beast.

I saw a cave beyond the river and decided to ride on my tiny Maid Moist using Surf to get to it; ever imagined a human being riding on a small baby duck? Well the trainers on Route 6 didn’t have to.

Mistralton Cave

This cave was really dark so I had the Destroyer of Worlds learn flash so we could see. Oh Weedlpie, is there anything you can’t do?
Man I had gotten distracted on my quest, still who knows maybe I can find a cool new Pokémon here.
I found a dusk ball behind some rocks and a cool new Mon. It was a Boldore, a bundle of stones that had formed together into some kind of crab creature. Shame Litterman killed it, but at least he levelled up.

I then came upon another interesting wild creature, it was a cute, tiny little green dragon called Axew. I started battling this thing with Emofo; the little Axew used a move called Dragon Claw and sliced Emofo in half with a critical hit.
“No!” I screamed “not Emofo!!!! She just evolved!!! You little Monster!!”
Then out came Timmy, seeing his wife’s bloody two halves and crimson book collection he yelled out in rage. But sadly he seemed he was too distracted and thus not quick enough to attack. He took a Dragon Claw right to the chest, but his defence was strong and he responded by throwing a huge collection of rocks at the little Dragon. The little dude was badly hurt, but still held on. It then swiped another Dragon Claw at Timmy’s throat. Critical Hit! Timmy’s throat was slit clean open, and he slowly bleed to death next what remained of his wife.
“NOOO!!! DONT YOU TAKE MY TIMMY!!!” Out came Litterman. Another Dragon Claw was thrown at it; Litterman was badly wounded but held on with 2HP. It used its Venno Shock move to Poison and kill the little terrorist once and for all. Once again it seemed that Litterman, the guy I once held as my weakest Pokémon, had avenged a team mate. Oh the irony.
But it would not matter how many Pokémon Litterman killed, for it was that both Timmy and his loving Wife Emofo now lay dead in this cave. I had lost my two best Pokémon in a single battle. I was starting to realise that this challenge was not the walk in the park I’d taken it for.
We all wanted to hold a funeral for our fallen comrades, but at the same time we all wanted to finish what we were doing in this cave.

We found a TM for Rockslide, which was useless now as Timmy was dead and an old man.
“Well hello trainer, a legendary Pokémon used to live in this cave. But he is gone now.” And that was it. That is what was in this cave. A TM and an old man.
I had lost two of my best Pokémon for a TM and an old man………………..screw this universe.
Then suddenly we came across another Axew. We then all fled this cave of death as quickly as we could, grabbing the bodies of Timmy and Emofo before we left.


Good bye Timmy, you were the biggest and strongest member of our crew. The adventures ahead would be much more difficult without you.
And good bye Emofo, our Psychic powerhouse who was cut down in her prime. We all watched tears eyed as they were released into Pokémon heaven.

Replacement time. Timmy was replaced by Nikalum the Joltik and Emofo the Zoruas given to me by Rood. Well at least I had gotten my wish, Nikalum was now a member of this team, but at what price though?
As it currently stood the team was as follows. Weedlpie the destroyer of Worlds, Ember the flaming Magmar, Trubbish the not-so-rubbish, Maid Moist, the timid and boy-shy duckling, Joltik, a tiny lightening spider and Zoruas, the shape shifting fox. I’ll admit it’s a bit of a drastic change then when we first got to Driftview. Little did I know that my team would never again feel as comfortable as it did before we reached this city. I don’t know why but the team of Lord Tibbs, Weedlpie, Timmy, Ember, Emofo and Litterman just felt right. It’s such a shame that in the space of a few hours I’d lost half of them.

ChargeStone Cave

Hey remember this place? I’ve only tried to pass though it like twice already. Well it’s like they say, three times is a charm.
The bridge was now fixed so I could cross the large chasm, as I did so I heard a creepy voice expressing how much they loved it here. It probably has something to do with the plot, but I couldn’t careless by this point.
I sent Zoruas out to battle a Joltik, but weirdly it wasn’t Zoruas but Maid Moist who came out. It was only later that I discovered that Zoruas has an ability to disguise itself as other Pokémon on my team. Interesting but entirely pointless as he was then killed by the Joltik. Well…….he lasted long didn’t he? Only problem was that I now had to drag his dead weight around with me until I got to the other side of this cave. Great. I’m sorry N but your Pokémon sucked!

I soon found myself in the caves lower levels where I met the Nugget Man and the Nugget Boy who were giving out golden Nuggets for free. I imagine that they were down here as some kind of enlightenment quest and were thus giving away all there material possessions.

Now I will admit this is when things really started to get difficult for me. In fact I think that Chargestone may quite possibly be one of the most difficult challenges of my journey and certainly the hardest up until this point.
The problem was that I only had half my team really in any descent state to fight as the others were only newly caught and still very weak. To make matters worse everyone left on my team had a weakness to Rock moves and considering we were in a cave surrounded by Rock types and Hikers that use Rock types, I pretty much considered this place was to become our tomb.
Also I had hardly any evolved Pokémon with the exception of Weedlpie and Ember. Seriously why does everything in Gen 5 evolve so late?

I came across Bianca again; she was telling me all about the Pokémon she was researching down here. I told her my team was dying and would soon join the other fossils here. She just laughed and continued her research.

After a few battles I discovered it was impossible to train Maid Moist down here as she was weak against everything! I HATED THIS PLACE!!!!
I then stumbled upon a Metal Coat, which was heavy and cumbersome so I didn’t wear it and a weird eel Pokémon called Tynamo. It reminded me of the male reproductive cell.

“Hey kid! Want to battle me in a rotation battle?” Asked some slick trainer who called himself a Cool trainer.
“No. Myself and my team are about to be killed by all manner of Electric and Rock Pokémon,” I told him firmly.”
“Well the Joltik on your shoulder says otherwise!” I had recently taken to carrying little Nikalum on my shoulder. He was only a couple of inches big, and I thought he was really cute. Besides I didn’t want any of my other team mates to step on him.
“Alright fine,” I agreed, “if I’m going to die I may as we’ll die in style.” I called upon Maid Moist, her BBF Ember and little Nikalum. The Cool trainer used a bearded dog called Stoutland (evolved Herdier) and large bipedal, sly looking crocodile called Krokorok (evolved Sandile) and a metal, seed-thing called Ferroseed.
This battle actually went surprisingly we’ll considering all that can go wrong up until this point had. I had Maid Moist use a Surf attack to weaken every one of his Pokémon and then had Ember Fire Punch them each to finish them. I did use a lot of Moo Moo Milk however.
“Well done kid,” said the Cool trainer, “now leave me to morn in peace, oh and take that rotting Zoruas with you. The smell distracted me, causing me to lose.” Sure it did.

I came upon another Cool trainer and had one of the most epic battles ever! My level 34 Magmar VS his Level 34 Electabuzz. It was Fire Punch against Thunder Punch, and I’m pleased to say that. Thunder Punch won.

I found a doctor in these caves who healed my team for me whenever I asked him too. Needless to say we soon became good friends.

Eventually, thanks to the doctor we found and the determined nature of my team we finally found the exit to the horrid cave. Good bye ChargeStone, I hope to never pass through you again.

Mistralton City

I was FREE!! FREE!! Free from that horrid cave! And now I was in a very small city consisting of two houses, a Poké-Center and an Airport……not quite sure you’ve earned the title ‘city’ to be honest.
“Hello Elm Jr,” Striding down the road towards me was Her. The one who I saw in my dreams. The one who forced me on this quest. The one, who had been responsible for this truly pointless quest. And I was finally meeting her in person.
“Hello Elm Jr,” she said “I’m Professor Juniper!”

To be continued………

Bulbapedia entries of all new Pokémon

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